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Water, Shade, Food, and Music: Ingredients for New Danville Fun


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Willis, Texas – With today’s heat waves, it was difficult to determine if your favorite location for Water Play Day in New Danville was water or shade. Either way, it was a fun day for nonprofit clients and staff. The fun of the day and a hearty lunch made me a lot of happy faces and wonderful memories.

Photo: Another successful event to descend the waterslide on Water Play Day in New Danville is a popular nonprofit event for adults with special needs.

New Danville is a non-profit rural community in Willis, Texas, for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those in need of similar services.


New Danville

New Danville serves adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities in an environment that promotes dignity, respect and personal choice. The Day and Residential Program promotes and maximizes individual independence by providing opportunities for people to learn social and money skills and participate in product-based skill training to promote independence and independence. Was developed for. We grow by providing activities that enrich our minds, bodies and spirits. New Danville is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) charity in Texas. For more information on Newdanville, please visit or send an email to


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