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Trump advisers launch new super PAC MAGA Inc. to spend millions in midterms backing endorsed candidates

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Some of former President Trump’s key political advisers are launching a new super PAC known as MAGA Inc. This is expected to be a large outlay over the next six weeks to support pro-Trump candidates running in November’s midterm elections.

Nearly two years after losing the 2020 election, the former president remains the Republican party’s fiercest fundraiser. He has collected both grassroots and high-profile donations, and his saves his American Political Action Committee have nearly $100 million in cash in his hands. coffers.

But Trump has sent very little of his funding to Republicans running in the midterms or to committees and outside groups that support Republican candidates. That’s why some Republicans complain that Mr. Trump is hoarding money at the expense of the underfunded party and its candidates in the midterm elections.

A veteran of the Trump campaign in 2020, Trump spokesperson Taylor Vuwitch will oversee the new commission. The news was first reported Friday morning by Politico and confirmed by Fox News.

Trump continues to make big bucks, but little share with Republicans running in midterm elections

Former President Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Youngstown, Ohio, Saturday, Sept. 17, 2022.
(AP Photo/Tom E. Puskar)

“President Trump is committed to saving America, and Make America Great Again will ensure that this is done at the ballot box from November onwards,” Vuwitch said in a statement. .

Save America will be able to transfer funds for the fundraiser to MAGA Inc., which will distribute the funds to the campaign trail. Unlike Save America, where federal law limits how much you can spend on your political pursuits, the new Super PAC has very few restrictions.

If the Trump-backed candidate loses in November, will the former president take a hit in 2024?

MAGA Inc. will essentially merge with the existing pro-Trump super PAC – MAGA Again. – May transfer remaining funds to new commissions.

Chris Lacivita, a veteran Republican operative who ran the pro-Trump super PAC, the biggest spender of the 2020 cycle, will be the new vehicle’s chief strategist. Longtime Trump pollster Tony Fabrizio, who worked on the 2016 and 2020 campaigns, will oversee the poll. Veteran Republican and Trump fundraiser Meredith O’Rourke will lead the new commission’s finance team, while Trump campaign veteran Stephen Zhang will help steer communications.

The new group’s mission is to send large amounts of financial support to pro-Trump candidates running in the major midterm elections, but MAGA Inc. has warned that if Trump continues to cheat repeatedly and runs for white, two You can pay dividends to Trump in ways that matter. House again in 2024.


First, with less than seven weeks to go before the midterms, a handful of Trump-backed Republican candidates in high-profile campaigns are trailing their Democratic rivals in key election metrics, whether it’s polling, fundraising, or both. I am taking If some of these candidates lose in November and potentially cost Republicans their chances of regaining a majority in the Senate, statewide and some veterans of the presidential campaign say Trump will take the blame. and may influence his possible push to reclaim the white house. MAGA Inc.’s backing of these candidates can prevent such scenarios.

Second, the new commission, which appears to have more staff than any of the existing Trump political organizations, could serve as a vehicle for the final presidential election, and will serve as a proxy for Trump after the midterm elections. You can spend freely.

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