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This local hangout serves high-quality bar food on a budget (Dining Out Review)

Fulton, NY — Driving on 1st Avenue in Fulton, you can easily blink and miss a musklunge. But you will really miss it.

From the outside, this bar / restaurant looks like any other house on the street. But there are cheap drinks, good food, and friendly companions.

Someone recommended Muskie’s on our WhereSyracuseEats Facebook page, where I met a few friends for lunch. The place is definitely a local hangout, but patrons spread their arms to welcome us and add us to their noisy conversation.

We grabbed a few seats at the bar and were immediately greeted by enthusiastic bartender Megan. Her energy was contagious and she immediately made us feel comfortable.

First, I ordered one round of drinks, one can of Bud Light ($ 3) and two mixed drinks ($ 4 and $ 4.50). The beer menu is limited to regular choices at most bars, and most mass-produced commercial beers line up with Mike’s hard lemonade and twisted tea.

But at the surprisingly low-priced little bar, the choice of liquor was impressive. The special drink of the day was $ 3 for vodka and lemonade. It was one of our next drinks.

Muskellunge wings were the first item we ordered ($ 15 for a dozen). The menu has 17 flavorful, mild to spicy options, from dry love to sauced ones. Megan divides a dozen into two flavors. Settled on mesquite bacon BBQ and garlic pepper dry love.

Muskellunge wings

In the end, the slightly crispy feathers were nice, but overall both styles were tasty and the inside was juicy. The barbecue was smoky and sweet and had a nice bacon feel. The garlic pepper was delicious, but it may have been a little stronger. Both baskets came with blue cheese and celery.

Choose to order different dishes to split between us three, cowboy burger with waffle fries ($ 2), three chicken tenders and fries ($ 7), homemade crispy chicken I also ordered wraps with chips ($ 11).

It soon became clear that burgers were made from fresh meat, not frozen. This is unusual for bar food. The cowboy burger was topped with bacon, American cheese, barbecue sauce, and sautéed onions. The classic combination worked well here, and the smoky sweetness of the sauce and onions was complemented by the saltiness of the bacon.

Eating out: Muskie's

Musky’s Cowboy Burger

Homemade chicken tenders are quite large and are served with your favorite sauce (or two). We wanted a different source than the one we tried on the wings, so we asked the bartender for advice. She brought us Jack Daniel’s sauce (their most popular one) and Sweet Heat. Both were great choices for bidders. Jack Daniel’s was on the sweeter side and Sweet Heat had a more spicy kick.

The crispy chicken wrap comes with bacon, celery and honey mustard dressing. The wrap was loosely sized and easily divided into two meals.

Eating out: Muskie's

Chicken wrap at Musckie’s

For each of these three dishes, we deliberately chose different aspects so that we could try them all. Of the homemade chips, regular fries and waffle fries, the waffle fries were the winners by a small margin. Homemade chips are soft in the center, crispy on the edges, and contain the right amount of salt, making them perfect for any meal. That was the only regular french fries. generally.

We visited on Friday, so Muskie’s offered some seafood specials in addition to the regular menu. In fact, there are a variety of specials and unique dishes every day, all updated on our Facebook page. You can plan your visit around Tacos Tuesday, Italian Nights, or seasonal dishes served.

It’s a nice surprise that the prices are kept very low due to the high quality of Muskie’s food. Lunch for three of us and two drinks each cost $ 90 with tax and a 20% tip. I ordered additional primopiats, so I often took them home.

If you just want to eat, you can easily get in and out for about $ 15 per person. They also offer a 4% cash discount.

Overall, if you’re looking for a new spot with budget-friendly and impressive bar food, add Muskellunge to your list of places to visit.


restaurant: Muskie’s Sports Bar & Grill, 583 South 1st Street, Fulton, NY 13069

reserve? No need to

credit card? yes

Access to people with disabilities: exclusive. There is a staircase at the entrance, and the inside is small.

parking:Small parking and street parking.

Noise level:average.

Special food?Vegetarian options are also available.

Children’s menu?No.

time:Monday to Saturday 11am to 2am, Sunday noon to 2am

price:Less than average.

Daniel Benjamin A freelance restaurant critic and food blogger at The Post-Standard and can reach her

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