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Pack This Black-Owned Sanitary Napkin For Your Next Trip

Pack This Black-Owned Sanitary Napkin For Your Next Trip

Pack This Black-Owned Sanitary Napkin For Your Next Trip

Photo courtesy of Qiana Crump.

The entire Crump family is responsible for the success of Reign sanitary napkins. The company is dedicated to creating a more enjoyable experience for women when they hit their cycles. I knew I needed it.

“We knew it was a taboo subject, and we understood the risks,” Crump said. We know we deserve it.”

In fact, Crump’s realization came as a result of fears for her own health.As a young girl and as an adult, she silently suffered from painful, heavy periods. Every month was a nightmare to prepare for the pain.

“I had bleeding on my clothes, jeans, sheets, etc.,” she said.

A church member recommended Crump to visit OBGYN, who listened to her problem and suggested various treatments, including birth control and a partial hysterectomy, to combat the problem. , Crump decides to have part of the uterus removed. However, her doctor believes she has encountered reproductive health problems due to the products used by many women, she said.

Crump and her husband created Reign in 2019 in hopes of preventing other women from going through what Kiana went through. We are dedicated to educating the black community on how to better

“I think there will come a time in life when you have to throw away what you have learned,” she said. “Most women and mothers share with their daughters what they share with their daughters.”

Instead of doing what has always been done, Crump believes it’s time to change how black women care for their reproductive health.

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