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Many stories behind the cars at the Cruise to the Monument | Heraldrepublican

Angola — Angola cruise to monuments has a lot of nostalgia.

There were many poignant moments at Wednesday’s event, as many retro car owners said they bought their cars because they drove similar ones in high school. Now they drive from Ohio and Michigan to show their treasured vintage possessions to like-minded people.

One of the most visible cars at the car show was a purple 1958 Cadillac, Series 62 that belonged to Craig Funkhauser. Funkhouser’s father bought the car when Funkhouser turned 16 years old. Funkhouser is delighted that the car was built the same year he was born, and “he’s owned it ever since,” says his James Geiger, who helped restore the car. says Mr. .

The car was then stored in a garage for a long time, and Funkhouser would sometimes drive it to buy ice cream, Geiger said. wanted to drive a car…high school, and Funkhouser decided to refurbish it.

“His kids wanted to drive it when they were in high school,” Geiger said.

The restoration took several years and the children were unable to drive to school. Geiger said another person started the refurbishment at first, but that person came down with leukemia and took over the “dismembered” car.

Geiger and Funkhauser, who were in Toledo, Ohio at the time, decided to build a custom car. Geiger was responsible for the design and all custom his parts, interior, and another car in Toledo, where he shop, Hi He Points, was responsible for the body and paint. The car has a new music system, new motor, new interior and new colors.

“It’s brand new,” Geiger said.

Geiger said it was the first car show in Angola that they attended. was

Another notable two-door sedan from the 1960s, the Chevrolet Bel Air was purchased 38 years ago by Richard Spangle, who had the same model and color car in high school in 1962. Similar car for sale.

“That’s how I finally got it,” said Spangle.

Spangle said he had the car repainted the same “tanned copper” color and got “new metal here and there”, driving it for several years before driving it around the lake.

“The engine has 149,000 miles on it and is still running great,” Spangle says.

Spangle had several other vintage cars before, but said it took too much care to store them, so he sold them, bought a plane, then sold the plane. Now, all he owns is his beloved Chevrolet.

One of the rarest cars at the show was a 1975 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser station wagon. Its owner Bruce Everts said that it was his friend, the late Mike Stevenson, who bought the car, and that Everts brought it into his shop for restoration last year. work on the motor.

Everts said Stevenson and he owned the car “just to play”.

Ohio’s Lella Farlow explained why her husband, Ronnie, owned a 1962 Monterey in a similar fashion.

“His toys. They are fun,” Lera said.

Ronnie said he also likes meeting different people on the show. Like Farlow’s Monterey, some cars had to travel long distances to Angola, like his 1962 Plymouth Fury. For example, current owner and Fort Wayne resident Michael He owned the car for 22 years after Bill bought it in his 1999. Individual in Tucson, Arizona.

Barr said he bought one of the cars that are trendy now, but that was because other people thought those cars were ugly and he thought it wasn’t, so he bought a new one. It wasn’t popular back then.

“You probably won’t see one of these in this area,” says Bir.

Biel said he also owns another retro car, a 1958 Chevrolet, but didn’t bring it to the show. Bir, a retired mechanic for 48 years, maintaining retro cars is a hobby for him, but it takes a lot of effort to keep his property clean.


“I bought it and love this thing,” he said.

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