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Congressman Jim Banks, a Senate candidate, clarifies anti-abortion ‘travel ban’ stance

Congressman Jim Banks, a Senate candidate, clarifies anti-abortion ‘travel ban’ stance

Congressman Jim Banks, a Senate candidate, clarifies anti-abortion ‘travel ban’ stance

Republican Rep. Jim Banks of the 3rd District wants stronger abortion laws, but says he doesn’t think a ban on travel from Indiana to abortion-access states like Illinois is the answer. I’m here.

“Neither[conservative WOWO host]Pat Miller nor I have spoken about the travel ban,” Banks said in an interview with the Capital Chronicle on Wednesday. “I had never heard of a travel ban (until I was accused).”

in fort wayne radio interview last week Miller praised the anti-abortion March for Life rally in Washington, D.C., and said the Hoosiers were able to drive to Michigan and Illinois, so the anti-abortion movement still has work to do. told Mr Banks.

“The battle is not over yet,” said Miller.

“Exactly,” Banks replied. “I support federal law and support stronger laws at the state level. Whatever we can do to save lives and protect babies. That’s what this fight is all about.”

this interaction, heartland signal tweetcausing a minor uproar on the app, where Banks claimed he supported a ban on travel between Indiana and Illinois for people seeking reproductive health care. called Banks an extremist in another tweet.

Democratic Illinois Governor JB Pritzker added his opinion to the fuss. saying on twitter“The Republican plan to criminalize the most basic decisions a woman can make does more than overthrow Law. I have.”

The story follows the tweet.

The Times of Northwest Indiana, based in Munster, wrote its own story describing the conversation that included Hartland’s tweet, with the first headline:Republican Senate candidate backs ban on abortion travel for Hoosier womenAn updated headline for the article reads, “U.S. Senate Candidate Supports Reducing Abortion Options in Other States.”

The bank said Wednesday it supports a nationwide bill to ban abortions after heart activity is detected in the fetus, but called the “outrageous accusations” about the travel ban “absurd”.

“My words couldn’t be clearer. I staunchly defend life and support laws that protect babies. I support federal bans and support laws passed by the state of Indiana.” said Banks. “There are arguments that Congress shouldn’t pass anti-life bills, but I support them because states like Illinois don’t have life advocates for babies and women.”

Banks announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate earlier this month, highlighting his conservative values ​​and commitment to anti-abortion laws.

Indiana’s near-total abortion ban is on hold as the Indiana Supreme Court reviews the constitutionality of the ban — court said it heard debate last week and will issue an opinion “Soon”

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