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Celebrity Shoe Designer Sarah Flint Shares Her Top Travel Tips

Saraflint is known for being able to wear footwear for everyone, from celebrities to royalty. Yes, you can find Megan Markle, Margot Robbie, and even more rocking her cleverly designed flats, heels, and boots. But an important part of her success is working with a family-owned factory in Italy. This requires regular visits to meet the craftsmen throughout the design process. In addition, she has partnered with various global brands such as the heritage trim company Samuel & Sons and the American Ballet Theater. So, of course, designers go out often.

In fact, a quick glance at Flint’s Instagram shows that she went to Washington, DC, New York, France, Italy and Nashville. In Nashville, she just opened her first permanent store. Of course, with all of this jet setting, Flint has nailed her travel routine quite a bit. So, with the launch of some new summer styles (appropriate names are PositanoPinkNappa and AmalfiOmbreNappa), I caught up with Maven in shoes and found her travel tips. This is what she had to say.

Use Travel for inspiration

“The secret of my first trip is to do so as often as possible,” Flint said. “Inspiration dramatically enhances creativity. Exploration is an important first step in a destination-inspired design approach, so I’m excited to be able to resume my trip. My trip is me. Often inspires the design of. I love incorporating the architecture, colors and historic sites of new places. Every detail. ”Even if you’re not a designer, seek inspiration while traveling. Is important. Because you don’t know how it will affect your future life. Probably a new career? A new hobby? The world is your oyster.

Ask for recommendations

“Social media has revolutionized travel,” she said. “We are so interconnected right now that it’s very likely that someone has visited a destination of your interest. When planning a trip, rely on the network to see what’s going on. Look for recommendations such as where to eat. ”In addition, getting suggestions from others puts some pressure on your plate to plan the perfect itinerary. And you’ll get insider tips to help you create a more authentic experience.

Do not overpack

“My next tip is to pack responsibly,” Flint said. “Leaving a room in a suitcase for new fabrics and materials procured on a trip (and, of course, saving some space for personal shopping) makes the trip home much much more. It will be light and comfortable. ”

Wear comfortable shoes

“When it comes to footwear, comfort is key,” she said. “The Sacchet to Flat (recently launched in the new rose gold nappa color) is the perfect companion for your journey. The style inspired by ballet shoes is incredibly soft and flexible. All Sarah Like the Flint style, the Sacchetto has an additional 3mm padding for added comfort. The new take of the classic Natalie Flat style, the Natalie Sling, is also a great travel option. ”

Take a picture with a camera, not a mobile phone

“Remember to capture the memories,” she said. “For example, if you travel with a disposable camera, you can deliberately record your trip for later reference while prompting you to disconnect and recharge.”

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