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Amid California mass shootings, older Asian Americans feared to be radicalized by ‘unreliable’ information

Amid California mass shootings, older Asian Americans feared to be radicalized by ‘unreliable’ information

Amid California mass shootings, older Asian Americans feared to be radicalized by ‘unreliable’ information


A recent mass shooting in California has targeted an elderly Asian-American as a suspect, leaving community members reeling, horrified and desperate for answers. As a result, some blame the trend of radicalization caused by erroneous and unreliable information.

The latest of such incidents saw seven people killed back to back shooting At the Mushroom Farm in Half Moon Bay on Monday. The suspect Zhao Chun-li 66 years oldbelieved to be “disgruntled workers” associated with at least one farm.

Taken in a dance studio just two days ago Monterey Park turned Lunar New Year In a tragic time when celebrations are mourning. Eleven people died in the massacre, suspected — 72-year-old Fu Kung Tran — allegedly took his own life a few hours later.

In May 2022, one member was killed and five injured in a shooting at the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods. As with the latest shooting, the suspect was an Asian-American senior. David Chow, 68 years oldis said to have been motivated by anti-Taiwan sentiment.

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Understanding How Older Asian Americans Are Drawn In gun violence It’s a fairly novel discussion within the community.

in the last three years, anti-asian hatred fueled by COVID-19 Pandemic At the forefront of issues that needed attention and resolution, older Asian Americans were the most vulnerable to attack.Unfortunately the problem is Continue until 2023making the recent shootings even worse for the community.

Pastor Raymond Chan, who is also the president of the Asian American Christian Collaborative, murmured On Monday, “something is radicalizing our elders and leading them to procure guns to enact deadly violence.”

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talk NewsweekChan noted that some older Asians use “unreliable” sources for news and information.

Whether it’s the endless rabbit trails of YouTube or the far-right propaganda often spread through channels like WeChat, KakaoTalk and WhatsApp. Sometimes neglect and even the neglect of older people live in loneliness and loneliness…when they didn’t have the space to process, care for, and receive the support they needed. community, they go to darker and darker places.

Once these elders learn that someone has acquired a gun and is wreaking havoc with it, Chan said, these elders “see it as a viable option.”

Additionally, gun manufacturers are increasingly “targeting racialized minority groups,” he said.

There are no official figures for Asian-American firearm purchases, but gun sales soared in 2020 and remained at “unprecedented levels” in 2021, according to industry groups. CNNMore Asian Americans too buying a gun for the first time.

Jimmy Gong, owner of Jimmy’s Sports Shop in Mineola, New York, said: forbes His sales doubled during the pandemic, and about half of his business was by Asian Americans.

More and more Asians are being introduced to firearms. There used to be no gun culture in the Asian community. But after the pandemic and hate crimes spread, more and more Asians are buying guns to protect themselves.

Ah 2022 survey A research team at the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University was Asian-American. Racism In the early days of the pandemic, we were more likely to acquire firearms and ammunition for self-defense. However, this “puts Asian Americans at increased risk of firearm injury and death,” says lead author Tzu Ying Wu.

Sylvia Chan-Malik, Associate Professor of American, Women and Gender Studies at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, also said: twitter thread Many Asian American seniors have turned to YouTube for information rather than television or Asian-language newspapers.

They watch video after video from suggestions. Like all media bubbles, this creates an echo chamber and delivers an ideology disguised as news. This is exacerbated by linguistic and cultural differences, which already hinder engagement with a wide range of sources.

She then quoted her father’s words. He “occasionally watches violent anti-China ‘news’ videos.”

I have seen them with him. They can be theatrical at times, and if you believed everything they said, you would be pretty upset and pretty angry. I don’t know if everything they say is a lie, but it’s definitely not “news”.

writer and journalist Jeff Yang He also expressed concern about “guns and WeChat.”

“I am genuinely concerned that ‘guns + WeChat’ is the cause of this series of mass shootings of elderly people by Asian male immigrants,” he said. murmuredbefore noting that he should provide more context.

“Tweeting something frivolous like this without creating a clearer context about disinformation on social platforms and how it can amplify fear, anger and immersive paranoia. “I regret it, but I won’t withdraw because that frivolity deserves some reward.”

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