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Alex Jones lashes out at critics at trial over Sandy Hook hoax claims

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(Reuters) – Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones testified during a trial to determine how much he owed the families of victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. slammed the critics. The false claim was a hoax.

Tensions rose after nearly four hours of testimony in a courtroom in Waterbury, Connecticut, not far from the massacre in Newtown. Jones was furious with the “liberals” and refused to apologize to the packed galleries of the victims’ families.

“These are real people. Do you know Mr. Jones?” asked Chris Mattei, the family’s attorney.

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“Like all Iraqis liberals kill and love,” Texas-based web sued for stating nobody was killed in Sandy Hook and family members are just actors Cast host Jones countered.

A defamation lawsuit stipulates the amount of damages Jones and his Infowars site parent company had to pay for spreading the lie that the U.S. government planned to kill 20 children and six staff members as a pretext for seizing guns. only related to

The testimony sparked a three-way shouting match between Jones, Mattei, and Jones’ attorney, Norman Pattis, who repeatedly objected to Mattei’s questioning.

After the jurors left for the day, Judge Barbara Bellis told lawyers to implement a “zero-tolerance” policy on disruptions and contempt of court trials for anyone “out of line”, including Jones. He said he would do

Jones also tested the judge’s patience after Mattei played a video clip praising followers who put up Infowars stickers around a Connecticut courthouse.

“Conservatives put stickers up. We’re bad. We all need to go to jail,” Mr. Jones mocked in the witness stand. Jones will not face criminal charges.

The clip played as Mattei presented evidence that Jones’ followers had harassed Sandy Hook’s family online and in person, including at the victim’s memorial service.

Jones also admitted that Mattei called Bellis a “tyrant” after he displayed an image posted on Infowars showing him shooting red lasers from Bellis’ eyes. He said he was not responsible for the post. I was.

Bellis has largely banned the discussion of politics and conspiracy theories in court.

Jones is also not allowed to challenge the liability for damages after Bellis entered default last year for repeatedly failing to comply with court orders.

The jury must only decide what Free Speech Systems, the parent of Jones and Infowars, must pay plaintiffs, including FBI agents, for the pain and suffering they allege he caused. must.

A month ago, the conspiracy theorist was sentenced to $49.3 million in a similar case in Texas, home of Free Speech Systems.

Jones’ attorneys want most of the payments voided as excessive under Texas law.

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Reported by Jack Queen of New York.Editing by Amy Stephens, Mark Porter, Richard Chan

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